Thursday, January 29, 2015


Too many things seem to have happened since the last decent post came from the keys of the keyboard. Rise of Modi and ISIS. Too many terrorist attacks.

What has changed in you and what has changed in me? Well I and thinking to stop thinking ? So changing the face of the blog to make it more interesting and vet out the thoughts.

Hop on!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

To edit or not to edit

So, it seems ages that I have written the piece of shit ! So this is not an aberrant situation, its just that I have been missing myself for quite sometime. The pragmatic views always seem so ponderous that I find  it too difficult to make it tractable. So what do I have here today?

To edit or not to edit?

I don't want to be an iconoclast here ! But then there are few things which either I have been asked about or I am thinking about. There are few things which have either exacerbated things professionally or few things personally. The esoteric discussions which I have had with myself have engendered much efficacy, which is exorbitant enough not to feign a fervent thought process.

I am floundering enough to create a homogeneous thought process where I can control the irascible part of mine which is creating a true misanthrope.

The overall thought to placate my self seems to be coming from the precursor to my current life ! This would seem rather prodigal to leave the status quo and start living life , this though seems like a  specious argument, but then has to be the only way towards the Zeal to occlude the dogmatism prevailing.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kal ke Pal

umeedo ke saye mein kat jaate hain yeh do pal.. Is duniya mein kabhi kahin Tum miljao humein tum kal..
gam nahi hai bicharne ka tumse is pal par palko mein aanson le ate hain woh kuch beete huye kal ke pal !!

Woh Pal

Woh saath chalna un raston par aur baarish ki wo bocharein .. is behte huye pal mein kuch sunae palon ki woh shan bhar yaadein ..
tum nahi aaj saath hamare ghum gayee woh sau baatein.. ek baar pyar se pukaro aaj tum fir jawan ho jayen wo mulakatein